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Viking Song Series

Music for men.

Cantate Domino

This lively setting of Cantate Domino is a great way to start the year with your men. The polyphonic opening gives each voice part a chance at the melody and is followed by a lilting dance-like central section. This motet allows singers to explore significant contrasts of phrasing, articulation and tactus. 

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 4  

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

Danny Boy

One the earliest arrangements in our library, this piece begins with voices in unison on the familiar, floating melody and is a great way to find the beauty of head voice. Danny Boy tells a story of love and loss like none other, and is an excellent vehicle for expressive singing.

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 4  

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

David's Lamentation

This dramatic story of King David and his son Absalom from early American composer, William Billings, is a powerful depiction of love and grief. Open harmonies create a magnificent opportunity to teach listening for intonation within sonorities and this simple setting provides ample chance to explore dramatic and expressive singing.

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 2-3  

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

Down to the River to Pray

This rousing setting is a great way to start a concert set with sturdy rhythms and strong harmonies. It is simple enough to work as a processional and can easily involve your audience. It has been a favorite of my singers for years.

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 2  

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

Exsultate Justi

Viadana's brilliant motet is a great exercise for your men with each line of text receiving special treatment and startling contrasts of articulation and melodic contour. This arrangement differs from others with its strong harmonic opening and closing sections.

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 3  

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

Give Me Jesus

This sonorous a cappella setting gives everyone a chance at the traditional and memorable melody. The arrangement takes the singer through “dark midnight” and weaves in a moment of another favorite spiritual, Were you there while exploring the full range of dynamics. 

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 4  

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

I Know I've Been Changed

A gospel-style piano accompaniment supports this familiar and charming melody. Inner verse solos set to the tune, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, and the text of Amazing Grace shares ideas of hope and inner-strength in this powerful arrangement. This adaptation was made for the Montana Men's Vocal Festival held at Montana State University.

TTBB  |  piano  |  Level 4  

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

In the Bleak Midwinter

Rosetti's amazing text receives a new tune in this accompanied anthem for men. Mostly unison and two-part until a four-part ending, this work will allow your men to explore expressive and lyric singing. The question, “What can I give...?” is a wonderful conversation starter for your men.

TTBB  |  piano  |  Level 3  |  Duration: 2:40

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

Music Makers, Dreamers of Dreams

This version for tenor/bass voices was commissioned by the Southern California Vocal Association for the 2016 Men's Honor Choir.

TTBB  |  Piano and Cello  |  Level 4  |  Duration: 4:00

Oba Se Je (Here Comes the King!)

An exciting piece with driving rhythms, a call-and-response inner section and exciting ending. This Nigerian folksong has proven to be a favorite for choirs of all ages.


TTBB  |  a cappella and ethnic percussion  |  Level 2-3  |  Duration: 4:30

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

Prepare the Way

A beloved text and hymn, this rousing a cappella setting captures the excitement and a anticipation of the Advent season. A middle section for your high tenors, soloist or small group tells the words, “fling wide your gates, o Zion,” and “sing in gladness!” A mighty fanfare creates a strong ending and gives your men the chance to really sing.

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 3-4  |  Duration: 1:30

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

Ride On, King Jesus

A traditional a cappella setting of this spiritual gives your men a chance to explore different roles in the ensemble: strong and unified chorus during the refrains; and, as a colorful background for the soloists. A great pieces that your men can learn quickly and take into the hallways with or without you!

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 2-3  |  Duration: 2:00

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

Spaséniye Sodélal

This setting creates opportunities for close harmony singing for your tenor section while leaving your baritones and basses moving mostly in sixths and octaves. An expansive range is required from your low basses and your high tenors, but if you have the singers and a beautiful acoustic, it will leave a lasting impression.

TTTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 4  

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

The Angel Gabriel

The haunting melody and unique color of this carol will be a memorable part of any program. One of the more challenging pieces for men in our library, this arrangement requires part independence and some close harmony singing in a minor mode. A joyous coda on the angels' “Gloria!” creates an exciting ending for this work.

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 4  |  Duration: 2:45

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

The King of Love and Grace

Originally written for an ensemble of four voices, this arrangement weaves together two beautiful melodies, The King of Love and Amazing Grace. Supported by a flowing piano accompaniment, this piece shares a message of promise and everlasting support. Perfect for male choirs of all abilities or as a duet.

TB  |  piano  |  Level 2  

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

This Night

An arrangement of the popular Christmas carol All This Night My Heart Rejoices, the composer was inspired by the idea of internal rejoicing of one's own heart.  You'll hear a more subtle and reflective carriage of the melody in this advanced selection for your men.

TTBB  |  Piano and soloists  |  Level 4  |  Duration: 2:20

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

Welcome Fanfare

This work was written as a fanfare for the 2012 Black and Gold gala. A setting of a text from the The Southern Harmony invites “every guest” to our “music feast” and is a rousing opener for any concert or event.

TTBB  |  a cappella  |  Level 4  |  Duration: 1:30

Download Perusal Version:  PDF

What Will We Promise

Both text and music were commissioned by the Staples Area Men's Chorus (Staples, MN) for their annual Real Men Sing! Festival in 2015.  David Bengtson's text, written in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy, provides a foundation for lyrical and accessible lines. 

TB  |  Piano and Cello  |  Level 3  |  Duration: 4:30

Download Perusal Version:  PDF